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Charities, religious institutions, hospitals, government buildings, schools and colleges, civic organizations... all can benefit
from this proven method of painless fund-raising.

Personalized engraved bricks or tiles can be installed in walkways, plazas, indoor corridors, and on vertical walls. A brick
fundraiser has no upfront costs and there won't be any leftover inventory. In addition, a brick fundraiser can be ongoing for
years to come if you so desire. The end result will be an everlasting tribute from your donors to your organization.
How much money can be raised? Bricks have sold for $50.00 to $1,000.00. Remember, your cost stays the same.

Etched in Stone permanently engraves 4" x 8" clay brick pavers and 8" x 8" clay brick pavers, as well as 6" and 8" ceramic
tiles and 6" and 12" granite tile for fundraising, donor recognition and custom landscape design projects!
If fundraising is in your future, Etched in Stone offers you today's best pathway to success.

Best of all, you can create a new sidewalk or wall at no cost to you and raise funds at the same time. You determine the price for which each individually personalized engrave brick or tile will be sold. Etched in Stone will provide you with their low net price per inscribed item. The difference between those two costs is the direct profit to the charity or project of your choice. Best of all, your donor's name or inscription is literally "set in stone" for a lifetime.
  Laser - engraving Bricks
Product Quality; We employ the laser-engraving process, and do so because of the precision and permanence laser-engraving produces: an intense heat is precisely focused upon the clay paver's surface, which momentarily melts the sand
(silicon) and iron oxides within the clay, thus reconstituting them as a black, ceramic glazed lettering. The lettering is thereby permanently bonded to the surrounding material and "sealed," rendering it impervious to water penetration and permanently ensuring color contrast with the natural brick color.

Our process eliminates the fading, weathering, cost, and maintenance problems associated with sandblasting engraving
procedures, which use outdated paint, epoxy or grout-filled methods.

In the North East, this is an impotant consideration for exposure to the elements, particularly freeze/thaw, ice/snow, ultra-violet sunlight, abrasion by sand/dirt, and wear, simply will not deteriorate our laser engraved lettering.

Logo's can be added
Scanning Fee - (One - time fee per Custom Logo) $50.00

Fundraiser Guide - available for our clients to help ensure the success of their fundraiser.

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